Burnishing in the new pads is just as important as all the Auto Brake steps


Burnishing in the new pads is just as important as all the Auto Brake steps that we’ve been so careful to perform. And this shouldn’t be done by the customer.

Proper burnishing of the pads involves about 10 stops from 60KPH down to 10KPH under gentle and easy brake pressure. This is not a panic stop but a controlled stop that burns the pads and glazes the rotors. Allow the pads to cool between applications.

This procedure allows for proper pad-to-rotor brake material transfer and will provide optimal brake performance. If the new pads are not properly bedded to the rotors, pedal fade, and noise can be a concern.

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I know what it’s like when you get busy in the shop. It’s easy to skip a few of these steps and usually you get away without any issues. But as components get lighter and smaller, even the smallest vibration is felt… and more importantly heard. Remember, most times the customer wasn’t hearing any noise before he came to you for a brake job!

Look at it this way: we always take the time to figure out a problem the second time around. But if we pay a bit more attention the first time, we can avoid the issues that cause a comeback.