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Engineered for severe-duty applications such as emergency and utility vehicles, delivery trucks and Auto Brake , Monroe Severe Solution brake pads help reduce brake maintenance and repair costs through longer pad and rotor life, according to Tenneco. These pads include ultra-premium friction materials formulated to provide exceptional high-temperature stability, stopping performance, fade resistance and longer service life.

They rolled to a stop in the empty parking lot between the main library and Central High School, an imposing brick building, shuttered because of falling enrollment and budget cuts. “Now make sure you’ve got your seat belt on because I’m going to show you an American custom,” Brownfield said. He shifted into reverse, cranked the steering wheel hard to the right, gunned the engine and popped the clutch. The result was a dizzying, deftly executed series of backward 360s. For a final flourish, Brownfield yanked the emergency brake to abruptly change directions.

Brake pads aren't something that a lot of people think about on a daily basis. The brake pads that auto manufacturer's select for their vehicles are chosen based on select number of qualities, primarily noise, dust, stopping ability and wear. The ideal combination of these aspects is obviously low noise and dust, good stopping power and long pad life. That's a lot to ask from a brake pad! Think about it, brake pads get a lot of abuse; they have to deal with high temperatures and be able to make friction occur on wet/dry/cold/hot rotors, and they have to do it repeatedly for fifty thousand miles or more! That's pretty demanding, but somehow manufacturers have been able to engineer pads that meet these levels of performance.

So why do aftermarket pads even exist? If manufacturers have already figured out how to make an ideal brake compound that consistently stops cars and requires little to no maintenance, then why are there all these companies out there boasting they have better pads? Well, it's a tough question to answer, but the main reason is for performance. You see, everyone measure performance on a different scale; do you want lots of pad-bite and maximum friction, or do you want a pad that will deal with repeatedly stopping heavy loads without wearing out in six thousand miles, or do you want something that is like what the original pads were like?

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