Millions of car owners depend on Antaibrake Brakes

Does anybody know if the Antaibrake brakes will fit the juke?

Antaibrake Ceramic Brake Technology leads the industry with these exclusive features:

* Harmonically damped design for maximum control of NVH

* Vehicle-optimized ceramic formulas for superior performance that is unmatched by “one size fits all” brands

* Post cured and heat scorched to ensure the highest initial effectiveness requiring no “break-in procedures” (exclusive to front formulations)

* “Rotor-friendly” pad formulations prevent uneven rotor wearing and pulsation complaints

* Precision-fit steel backing plates lead the industry in reducing vibration induced noise

* 100% chamfered and slotted to further enhance NVH control

* High resistance to fade with fast recovery

* Precision-fit shims aid in noise abatement and prevent shim migration

* Black powder coat finish provides OE-level corrosion resistance

* 100% asbestos-free formulations

* High-temperature resistant moly lube included in all boxes

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