Antai Theach you Choosing the Right Brake Pads and Brake Shoes

Choose between bonded and riveted friction material. All Disc Brake Supplier need to have a softer friction material attached to the stronger metal backing plate. Brake manufacturers use two methods to attach the friction material to the backing plate: bonding with an adhesive or riveting with high strength rivets.

There’s no clearly superior method for attaching the friction material, but bonding allows the brakes to last slightly longer because as the friction material wears down, the rivets make contact with the brake rotors or drums and squeal a bit when they’re nearly worn out. By the time you hear the squeal of rivets making contact with the rotors or drums during braking, it’s time to change the brakes anyhow.

Bonded brakes wear down to the backing plate which usually ruins your rotors or drums if not changed promptly when the metal to metal grinding sound is heard when applying the brakes.

Think about your driving requirements when choosing a brake pad material. Purchasing replacement brake pads or shoes will require you to make a choice about the material they are made from. At this point, you need to determine how severe your braking needs are. Some things to consider include:

How mountainous is your driving?

How hot is the climate you live in?

What are the traffic patterns you travel in?

How tolerant are you to brakes that squeal a bit?

Do you pull a trailer behind your vehicle ?

Do you have to deal with deep puddles in the winter or rainy season?

Decide between organic, semi metallic, fully metallic and ceramic break pad materials. Before choosing a brake pad to shoe material, it's important to consider the pros and cons of each.

Organic: Some cars come with brakes which are made from an organic material. This provides good life for the other brake components, but don’t offer superior braking when pulling a trailer or traveling long downhill routes. Additionally, organic brake material does lose a lot of braking capacity when they get wet.

Semi-metallic: A better braking material is called semi-metallic, in which a composite of soft metals are embedded in the friction material which enhances braking . However, this does wear out the rotors or drums a bit faster than the organic materials.

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